Art @ Nanobrasserie de l'Ermitage

Belgians do it better. Brussels.


Belgium is an essential destination for any serious craft beer lover out there. We’ve visited the country briefly in 2016 to attend the infamous Zythos Beer Festival and enjoy more lambic beers at the Lambiekfestival. However, we didn’t really have much time visiting Brussels itself and exploring some of it’s best bars. So in February this year we flew back for three full days in the city along with the nicest weather imaginable.

Nanobrasserie de l’Ermitage

Our first stop was at Cantillon brewery. A couple hours and bottles later, we headed to their neighbor Nanobrasserie de l’Ermitage. This relatively new brewery started production in 2017 and is led by three college friends. They prioritize the local market, so make sure to try it out while you are in the city. They are located in an inner courtyard, only 160 meters away from Cantillon, in an old cigarette factory. The space is shared by the brewery and their taproom, with 6 beers available on tap when we visited. They clearly have American and English influences, with hoppier beers than their usual Belgian counterparts.

Bier Circus

Bier Circus is a quiet and cozy bar off the beaten track. They specialize in Belgian beers, with rare and ancient brews available for all tastes. Each beer is served in its own glass, making their glass collection equally impressive as their beer list. The staff was friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation. They also have a larger dining area where they serve traditional Belgian dishes.

3 Fonteinen

If you have some extra time in the city, 3 Fonteinen is well worth a visit. Located in Lot, Beersel, it is easily reachable by train or bus from Brussels. Alongside the brewery you will find their Lambik-O-droom, a spacious and modern taproom. If you want to visit the brewery, you need to take part of one the guided tours which are organised on specific days and times, check their website for the current schedule. We couldn’t take part of the tour, but enjoyed our time at the taproom. They had a couple Lambic beers on draught and a long bottle list, including vintage Geuze and seasonal beers. Coincidentally, we tasted an Oude Geuze Vintage from 02-2012 which corresponds to our seven year anniversary.

Moeder Lambic Original

An essential if you are in town, Moeder Lambic Original is located in the trendy St-Gilles neighborhood. With more locals than tourists, it is much smaller and cosier than its counterpart Fontainas, but still keeping an excellent beer list. They offer 12 beers on tap, some regulars and other rotating, plus more in bottles. There was a special event on the day we visited with a selection of guest beers from Dunham, L’Ermitage and Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM). A special mention goes to the Abbaye de Saint-Bon-Chien from BFM, a strong sour ale (11% ABV) aged for one year in old wine oak barrels. Just incredible!


Poechenellekelder is a refreshing oasis in the city centre, which we visited twice during our trip due to its central location. With puppets hanging from the ceiling and an over the top kitsch decoration, the place feels homely and intimate. They are serious about their beer, with a menu featuring over 100 bottles well organized by style and more on draught. They also have a small terrace in front, perfect for watching the crowds of tourists passing by.

We still have places to explore in Brussels and will probably be back soon enough. Until then, here is our updated map of craft beer bars and breweries to visit in Brussels. Enjoy!

Craft beer bars in Brussels