Barcelona Craft Beer Guide

A guide to the best craft beer bars in Barcelona. This city has been our home for many years and it is here that our love for craft beer started. Thus, it is with great interest that we have witnessed during the last years the rise of its craft beer scene.

Today, Barna is considered Spain’s craft beer mecca. Breweries, bars, bottle shops and alike are popping up every few months all across the city.

We have made it our duty to visit and keep track of all them here on our dedicated page. You will find below our wonderful living map where we list all these venues. Our goal is to help you make out the best of your journey into Barcelona craft beer bars.

Although we try to keep it as much as we can up to date, we might miss a new venue on the block from time to time. If you notice any venue missing, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Top Craft Beer Bars in Barcelona

Although there are more venues than we can count now in Barcelona, we have to admit that we do have our preferred spots… so here is the list of our top craft beer bars in Barcelona: